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April 30, 2009

>ergo baby carrier

Yesterday I was looking for means to getting some exercise while being outside.  Lucky as I am to live in beautiful Orange County, hiking trails and paths are plentiful, we ventured outside – though, not to take advantage of the beautiful path right outside our front door.

We walked the 2.5 miles to Barnes and Nobles and it was great!  The weather was warmish, my significant other was by my side and our little one was happily strapped to my back in our comfy Ergo Baby Carrier.  
I love this product for the longer adventures because it distributes her weight nicely and I don’t have a sore back or shoulders at the end of the adventure.  I can wear her on my back or in the front, which I did on our way home and fell sound asleep in the process.
It takes a little bit of work to put it on, but I wouldn’t say it’s difficult.  I tend to use a sling for simple, quick trips instead of the Ergo for this reason.  Also, sometimes I feel that I need help placing her, but that has improved with use.
All in all, I am happy with this product and it was worth the money spent on it.
April 28, 2009

>to ween, or not to ween

>Breastfeeding agreed with my little one and me.  I questioned it for a second, thought it was going to be a pain in the butt, that I’d be forced to stay home constantly in order to keep my modesty.  

But not such the case…  
Once we got the hang of it, breastfeeding was a dream.  Not only did I have the opportunity to bond with her in this way, I didn’t have to mess around with bottles when I was out and about, only having to carry my Bebe Au Lait nursing cover that I stuffed into my purse (yes, purse, not a diaper bag).  My breasts serve as a food source, but they also soothed my fussy baby in public and I was able to enjoy the outside world more often than I imagined.
We have hit the nine month mark and my little one is still breastfeeding…. These days a little more than I care to be doing this. She is starting to play while she is on the breast, which tells me it is time to ween.  Now that she can use a cup, I don’t nurse her in public (unless she is in rare form).   I keep waiting for her to be done – she is so independent and grown up with everything else, why not?  But it seems like she wants the boob more than ever.
So what’s a mom to do?  Do I force her to ween or stick it out until she is done?  
April 28, 2009


>I’ve always been this way, but longed to be much more structured.  You know, the person who carries around the big tote, perfectly organized with calendars, pens (with caps still in tact), organized wallets… so on and so forth.  But what it has come down to is that I am more of the girl who functions better with her ID and credit card stuffed in her pockets and purses were cute, special occasion things (that, don’t get me wrong, I love).

Now that I am a mom I have attempted, on several occasions, to be more organized and structured.  No such luck.  I am still the girl that stuffs her pockets with her credit cards and keys, pops her little one in her sling and often leaves the stroller and diaper bag in the trunk of the car.  I’ve learned that this is how I function and, really, there isn’t any situation I can’t handle with a little creativity and enginuity.  
This is (technically) my first post on this blog and simplicity is what it is about.  I’ll share my adventures, challenges, feats and missteps and I encourage any  of you out there who choose to read my little blog to share as well.
April 27, 2009

>definition: minimal-mommyism

>min-i-mal mom-my-is-m

– adjective
1. mommy’s who keep it simple.