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November 21, 2009

>baby, night night

After sharing her milk with them, Hadley put her babies to bed on our guitar stool this morning. She gave them her jammies to use as a blanket and kissed them good night. It was very sweet.

November 20, 2009

>lake arrowhead


At the beginning of the month I packed Hadley up (perfectly timed with a nap) and drove the hour and a half to Lake Arrowhead in hopes of escaping the heat. While we didn’t really escape the Southern California heat that was plaguing us in November (I think I’ve been spoiled by the cooler climate of San Francisco for all these years), it was beautiful and I got some fun shots of Hadley giggling on the swing set at Lake Arrowhead Village.

November 17, 2009

>exploding noggin

>I feel like a bad mommy.

But my kid is making me crazy today. This early terrible two thing is frustrating and I hope this really isn’t the “rough 16 months” and we are going to get plowed with the terrible twos in another eight months.
I can no longer shop or dine out in that leisurely way I once could because I don’t want to be “that” mom who disrupts peaceful shoppers and diners with a fussy kid. We are traveling to Boston in a couple of weeks and I am getting nervous about what it will be like on the airplane. Wishing I still nursed to ensure sleep and quiet.
Today I think my head may explode. I have shut my eyes more than once and counted to avoid yelling “BE QUIET.” And that kind of behavior has never been my nature, so the fact that it’s bubbling up is proof that I am truly becoming a mom.
None the less… My head is on the brink of busting.
Then I look over at my kiddo rolling around on the floor with her Elmo stuffed animals, wearing her Elmo slippers and I wonder how I could possibly be frustrated with this perfect little person.
Until she tries to open the fireplace doors again, the I remember.
But then she comes over and plants a kiss on me and I wonder why I was frustrated.
Frustrating, huh?
Three hours to nap time!
November 16, 2009

>ummmm….. GOOD!


Last night we noticed that Hadley was pretending to eat something off of her Winnie the Pooh activity table. She kept saying “Ummmm… Good.” So we asked her for a taste and she was happy to share with us… For 45 minutes.
This morning I saw her doing the same thing, so I gave her a big spoon and one of her bowls. She let us have tastes and then moved on to Elmo, which I caught on video. If you listen, she will eventually say “cereal” (which sounds like SARA).
It’s so weird that our little baby is a little person! I am swelling with love and pride.
November 14, 2009

>vocabulary part 3


choo choo = train
dorA = Dora
I don’t know = I don’t know (and I don’t know if she knows what it means)
I know = I know
lmo = Elmo
naaaah na = Banana
no = no

sara = cereal

sissy = sister (prepping her for her new baby sister)
uh huh = yes (woops, my bad habit)

ummmm = ummmm

November 13, 2009

>after dinner with hadley


November 11, 2009

>wills and other fun legal stuff

>It’s hard to think about the end of your life. But suddenly it’s important, and necessary, when you have kids involved. Who will take care of them and love them should I die? How do I protect my assets for them to make sure they are cared for properly? It’s awful thinking about it, but a must for every parent.

I finally bit the bullet yesterday and called a probate attorney in Minnesota, where we will be living starting in June, to get my affairs in order. I’ve known I’ve needed to do this, but was really driven to do it because I watched “Jersey Girl” again and was reminded that something could happen to me while delivering our next baby. I didn’t enjoy the conversation, not one bit, but am glad I did it.
There are so many ways to set up your “estate,” if you will. And it’s all dependent on your circumstances. Are you married? Do you have joint assets? Are you a business owner? So on and so forth. It will make your head spin, but once it’s done, you will have peace of mind knowing that your kids are protected.
Obviously the ideal situation is to live nice long lives and you don’t have to worry about passing away while your babies are still, well, babies. But the fact of the matter is, freak things happen and it’s best to be prepared. Don’t sit around worrying about your mortality, but prepare for it so you can live your life.
I guess what I am saying, friends, is get your shit together! It will be the best $500-$1000 you’ve spent in a long time.
November 10, 2009

>baby sissy

>It’s official, well almost… Hadley will have a little sissy (we have successfully gotten her to say “Sissy.”) We had our anatomy ultrasound today and we were informed that there were no boy parts present. In fact, we have two crotch shots proving she’s a she. I am very excited! Jonathan is very excited, though I think sure his girls will be the end of him. However, he did suggest that there will be other opportunities to have a boy. I quickly reminded him of “game over” after this one.

November 9, 2009

>on being mom

>I had a night off last night. I’ve had very few nights without Hadley, so the nights I am without her are often spent doing nothing but think about her. I suppose normal parents would relish in this time to clean, do laundry, see a movie, have a leisurely meal in a restaurant. Not me… I get lost in thought, often dazed in front of the tube, thinking about my beautiful little girl and how much she has changed me.

Some day I will tell her how she changed my life. That not only giving me my name, “mom”, but simply her joining my life, saved my life. In the months prior to learning of this being growing inside my womb (which I was sure was becoming filled with cobwebs now that I was in my early 30’s) the universe started to turn my life upside down. My young father was diagnosed with late stage cancer. My job was entirely too consuming, especially given my family circumstance, and I had finally met the man that was going to be the one. Things were changing. Life was changing. And while there is good in that list, the bad was outweighing all the good. And at one point, I didn’t know which way was up.
And then I noticed something different. My monthly visitor didn’t come and I turned the stick pink. I panicked… “This can’t be happening now!” But I soon embraced my future, and knowing about this being inside of me helped me to embrace the hard things to come. Losing my job for the first time in my life. And more than anything else, being with my father during his last days and helping him to understand that, even though he will be missed incredibly, it was OK to go. Actually, the fact that he knew about her made it easier. She made it easier. She will never know how much I needed her then.
So I gave her a special name… Hadley. My father’s middle name. Although her coloring is far different from my dad’s (and mine, for that matter), the share the same scowl and tongue chewing habit. She is stubborn and determined, just like her grand-dad. He would have been so proud of her and in turn, I swell with that pride on his behalf.
Being a mom has changed my life incredibly. The range of emotion is a side effect that I never anticipated. The love I feel is something I never expected. My life style is completely different. And even though I sometimes look longingly at those childless people who are out at happy hour after work and find myself a wee bit jealous, I wouldn’t trade in my life for that opportunity again.
November 6, 2009


>Here in Aliso Viejo there is one hotel. And it’s a nice one. Complete with a bar, restaurant, spa and athletic club that we’ve heard nothing but wonderful about. They have a saline pool, spas, sauna, basketball and racketball courts, kickboxing training, spinning, yoga and just about every piece of equipment known to man. Not to mention the locker rooms look like they are straight out of a Burke Williams. The big thing that we have heard about is their “Kids World.” Our neighbors keep telling us about how their kids don’t want to leave. Sounds nice… Sounds WAY too expensive.

The other day we got a free pass in the mail. So we decided to check it out…
The manager who gave us a tour took us immediately to Kids World and Hadley just ran in and didn’t look back. With monitors placed around the gym, we could keep an eye on her and she was seemingly having a blast, which thrilled us.
And we were sold…
Especially because it wasn’t the$500 month that we anticipated. Perhaps more than the normal 24 Hour Fitness Membership, but with all the amenities AND a day care that our kid likes included in our membership, we hardly batted an eye.
Now, we’ll have to stop seeing the chiropractor for wellness visits, which is fine because I feel like he never gets any movement, and take Hadley out of Gymboree, which is fine too because she seems to be bored. I think this scenario will be good for her and gives us the opportunity to do other classes with her.
Feeling a bit extravagant, but excited about getting up there, even if its only for a nice meal while Hadley runs around day care.
OH! Did I mention that on the premier episode of Real Housewives of Orange County that they were working out there? I was feeling especially ridiculous then, but it’s only for a few months before we move out of state. May as well enjoy!