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December 31, 2009

>top five highlights of 2009 (in no particular order)

>1. Hadley turned one year without serious injury. Sure, she made her way through our stair baracade and took a trip down a flight of stairs alone when she was 11 months, cried for a minute and was fine (she cried more when we took her to the doctor). Has had several bumps and bruises as she figures out spacial relations, but in one piece.\.

2. We learned we were pregnant with another little girl, who I am sure will be as beautiful, silly and loving as our Hadley.
3. I purchased my first home, albeit I am not living there yet. I inherited homes, but never bought one on my own.
4. I closed my fathers estate. He passed in early 2008 and I have been consumed with the business of his business. It’s finally sorted out, in a shorter time than most, and we were able to legally close everything.
5. Jonathan and I happily hit our two year mark, which is a big deal considering the deck of cards we were handed… Between learning we were pregnant very early in our relationship, dealing with my ill father, his passing and all the moving around we’ve had to do because of it, we are very much in love.
Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
December 29, 2009

>colds, stomach bugs and more

>I’ve been a bad blogging mommy. Really bad.

But I’ve had some good reason. This cold season has taken our household by storm. Hadley’s pediatrician says that kids this age average two colds a month this time a year, which basically means kiddos are well one week, then sick the next. And even though they seem healthy despite their runny noses, you can’t take them to any of their normal activities, which makes for a restless, needy tot at home.
Let’s add on the fact that I am 25 weeks pregnant and getting every cold that Hadley picks up at Gymboree or Kids World, which takes me down too.
Oh, and I didn’t mention, starting on Christmas Eve, we kicked off a chain reaction of stomach flu. That has been the best of all the bugs.
So, I’ve been a bad blogger, but with some good reason. I resolve to be better now that the new year is here. At least until baby number two arrives then all bets are off.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and has a healthy (non-cold) new year!
December 27, 2009

>christmas day 2009


December 22, 2009

>a glimpse


December 22, 2009

>an early christmas in new england


Snuggles with Grandpa
December 7, 2009

>christmas decorating


Saturday, Hadley helped Grandma pick out a Christmas tree and the decorate it. It was a bit of a mess on the bottom, but Grandma was thrilled to let her decorate with her. We went back for a visit on Sunday to see the Toy Train in San Clemente and the bottom of the tree was beautiful. Hadley did a little rearranging, but all in all was a a good girl and admired the tree. I can’t believe how big she is getting!
December 3, 2009

>childproof christmas

>I love Christmas. More than I love Halloween! I enjoy decorating a tree and my home. I’ve been excited to have children to start implementing some of the traditions my parents did with me, though this year Hadley is still a bit too young.

Hadley is an active 16 month old and in to absolutely everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! The fireplace (the doors are now zip locked), the toilets (the bathroom doors are kept shut), the cabinets (all child locked)… You name it, she’ll figure out a way to get in to it. Which I love about her, her curiosity, but it can also be a pain in the ass.
This year we’ve been trying to figure out how to enjoy Christmas decor at home without burning the house down, pushing needles from room to room, ripping stockings off the wall and our only solution seemed to be to simply not do it at all.
That wasn’t good enough.
So this year I got creative and I am hoping in a few years I won’t have to be so…
* The stockings are hung above the mantle (not on) with care).
* I purchased a four foot fake tree at Michael’s for $20 that doesn’t require water (so it doesn’t spill on our landlords carpet), wont drop needles and wont catch on fire should it tip over.
* I sacrificed my tiny desk in the living room for my computer to put the tree on top of. I am currently set up on the unused side of our kitchen table (must remember to unplug after use as my curious baby will attempt to do it for me).
* Christmas presents will stay safely in the closet that is baracaded by our pack and play.
But I think despite the precautions we have taken, our Christmas decor looks pretty good and my need to decorate has been fulfilled.
Pictures to come once I get my computer better set up.
December 1, 2009

>eating green, eating healthy

>Since baby, we’ve struggled to prepare fresh foods. We don’t eat out like we used to, which is good, but we tend to lean on quick, processed foods to nourish our bodies.

Last week Jonathan watched Food, Inc. and decided it was time for a change. Which I was pleased about because he is the bigger culprit of bad eating. So we set out this weekend to locate grass fed meats, organic and/or local produce and restaurants that accomodate this. Believe it or not, to find affordable eats was a bit of a challenge.
First we visited our new “Farmer’s Direct” thinking it would be chalked full of local and organic produce. We were disappointed to see the small corner that had minimal organics and they were pricey. We did make any purchases here.
So we headed to our local “Henry’s Marketplace” to see what we could find, by way of meat at least. We learned that they carry natural meats, but only found two packages of ground beef that the cattle were grass fed. I inquired with the butcher about the “natural” meats, and while they are free of hormones, the animals were corn fed. We left with a package of grass fed ground beef, which wasn’t as lean as we would have liked and I try not to eat a lot of beef.
Then we headed to the organic fruits and vegis section to discover, albeit more, a minimal selection. AND, two organic zuccini’s (that were packaged in plastic and styrofoam) were $4.50. and a product of Mexico. We took a pass and opted for our farmers market that happens on Sunday.
We had a successful trip to the farmers market, but learned that of all the farmers present, only three were organic. But the prices were much more affordable. so we happily made our purchases.
Finally, we headed in to our local Chipotle for burrito bowls and discovered that they are advocates of only using natural meats. In fact, had a poster with an endorsement from the owner about the film, Food, Inc. While the wall facts didn’t indicate whether the meats were grass or corn fed animals, we at least feel good that we are eating healthier when we need that quick fix.
Any one out there trying to tackle this dilemma? Any recommendations?