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March 25, 2010

>mental telepathy

>I’m mentally willing my cervix to dilate.  

March 23, 2010


A typical position for Hadley and I!

March 21, 2010

>baby poop mishap

>I stepped in a meatball sized chunk of Hadley’s poop this evening.  You have no idea how I hoped it was the string cheese I had given her hours before, and was shocked to find a dark, mushy ball stuck to my foot.  Apparently, one fell out when daddy changed her diaper and I found it.  

While it was funny, I have the quickest gag reflex and, well, you can guess what happened next.
I suppose something like that was bound to happen eventually.
March 16, 2010

>clumsy, messy me

>Why is it that I am more clumsy and messy while pregnant?  

How is it that I managed to get peanut butter on my t-shirt yesterday morning?  Or Hadley’s dinner of pasta and marinara on one of the few nicer shirts that span my girth?  

Oh, and how did I manage to cook this beautiful pot roast with fresh vegetables and dump all of the left overs on the floor last night?
What is it that happens to us pregnant chicks?
March 15, 2010

>first leg of move complete

This weekend, we started our initial decent into our Midwest life.  Well, maybe it’s more like we’ve reached a cruising altitude.  

The plan has been to wait till baby arrives before we move into our home in Minnesota, but what we did plan on initially was moving into my mom’s house in San Clemente temporarily.  Long story short, she is building a home in Arizona and gone for weeks at a time, so it just make good financial sense to give up our condo that we paid a fortune in rent on and enjoy some beach living until baby arrives, we recover and are off to Minnesota. 
So, this weekend, we moved into storage and my mom’s house.  Here is a picture of Hadley on one of our first days enjoying the yard.  She keeps saying “SIDE, SIDE, SIDE” because she wants to be outside in the sunshine.  Don’t blame her… It’s quite lovely here!
March 10, 2010

>stuff people do with placentas

>NOTE: I’m not passing judgement on what people choose to do with their placentas, I simply find it interesting.

Placentas. You know, that mass that nourishes your unborn for 40 weeks. It’s a vital thing in pregnancies. Actually, you can’t have a viable pregnancy without a placenta. And sometimes placentas can cause troubles during pregnancy. It can be too small. It can grow over the cervix making placenta previa a real issue. Placentas, to say the least, are the most important thing in growing a baby.
As I started the journey down Baby Making Road two years a go I’ve heard a lot about what people, both from our culture and different cultures, do with their placentas after their baby is born. And I am fascinated! Albeit, I refused to even take a peek at mine in the hospital, I am still intrigued by the methods behind the actions.
Some South American cultures bury their placentas with objects that will influence their child’s life. For example, baby boy’s placentas might be buried with an ax or a pick, while a little girl’s placenta may be buried with a loom or a hoe.
In rural Peru, people bury their placentas deep into the earth, so far in that people nor animals can find it. Their theory is that this is a sort of “security” for the baby. They believe that the animals and other people will become jealous of the baby and, in turn, seek to harm it.
In Egypt, ancient Pharohs would put their baby’s placentas into a special box to keep them from harm.
Vietnamese medicine uses placentas to combat sterility and senility.
The Indian people believe that a placenta can be used to help a childless woman conceive and birth a healthy baby.
The Chinese believe that cooking the placenta in broth and consuming drastically improves the mother’s milk.
Believe it or not, placenta can be found in many cosmetics and medicines in Western countries, too. And here in the US many states will let parents do what they wish with their baby’s placenta (some states do regulate this).
I remember after I had Hadley I was asked if I wanted to keep my placenta. I was surprised to be asked this question. And I graciously declined. I’m someone who is just fine not even seeing it. So personally, I am happy to let the hospital do with it what they will, but am certainly open to what others are doing with theirs.
March 9, 2010

>20 months old

>To My Hadley:

Yesterday you turned 20 months. 20 MONTHS! Where, oh where did the time go. It was crazy when you turned 10 months, but now to double that? Mommy is falling over!
You have been developing by leaps and bounds these days, so much so we had to move you up to the next level at Gymboree, three months early. Not only are you a chatterbox sponge, but you engage in pretending and playing with other children. It’s so ridiculously cute I can hardly stand it. I watched you in your purple tutu at day care yesterday playing with two other kids in a tent. I could hardly bring myself to summons you home because you were having so much fun, but alas, we had to go.
Not only has your basic development blossomed, but the once energetic, wiggly “can’t go anywhere in public” baby I had for a month or so can now be trusted in restaurants and shopping carts again. You have also started holding my hand when we are walking outside, so we have granted you the privilege of walking with mom and dad through parking lots and shopping centers, provided you hold our hands. Let me tell you, less the fight is much easier on your very pregnant mamma.
You love to sing and dance. You are starting to sing tunes that we actually recognize. You are intrigued with the ABC song and Happy Birthday (Grandma taught you that one). So we are sure to sing it often.
Also, we are learning body parts beyond the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song. In fact, thanks to “Once Upon A Potty” you now know where your pee pee is and are starting to understand your body functions a bit. Hopefully soon we can start potty training, especially since you often bring mommy and daddy your diaper, off your butt.
In just about five weeks baby sister will be joining our household. That, coupled with moving into Grandma’s house this weekend, will be a HUGE adjustment for you. But you are a very adaptable little girl and I think you will transition nicely. I hope you will transition nicely. There are so many fears I have bringing another little being into your world that will consume mommy’s time, but I also know that this is a life lesson for you… And me. We will adapt just fine. Bottom line, you are loved so much by so many people. You will never play second fiddle and just remember that special title you will always hold… You are the one that gave mommy, daddy, grandma’s and grandpa’s their names.
Well, my love, I must sign off now. But I must mention that you are currently sitting on the floor with one of your clean diapers trying to diaper your Elmo and Burt dolls, together. Not only is it keeping you very busy, it’s pretty cute too!
Love you to pieces,
March 9, 2010

>layla grace update

>This afternoon I read a Twitter update on Layla Grace, the two year old who has been in her final stages of neuroblastoma. The last post read “Layla Grace went to play with the angels early this morning.” My thoughts are with the family during this time and hope that Layla has now found peace.

Rest in peace, Layla Grace.
March 6, 2010

>pedal, pedal, pedal


March 5, 2010


>Hadley is a monkey.

You know… The kind that swings from tree to tree so quickly that you can barely keep up? She responds to food. Chews things and spits them out. Climbs on her crib. Jumps off her bed. And today, TODAY she decided that she would try balancing on the back of the couch while mommy and daddy were out of the room. She even had that smug monkey look on her face that said “Look what I can do, even though I know I’m not supposed to.”

And the thing is, we are partially to blame. We take her to Gymboree where they encourage her to climb, hang and jump. I can only imagine that it could get confusing to a little one.
Who knew that toddlerhood was like being in a wild jungle! I’m comparing her to the monkeys that played outside our window when we were in Kruger, South Africa. But they had Easter egg blue balls (as in the color) and obviously my little girl doesn’t have those (thank goodness!).
So, we’ll do our best. Hope that she doesn’t fall and break something (or worse – YIKES). I just hope I don’t have a heart attack by the time my kids grow out of this!