>hadley quip

>I think I’ve written before that Hadley loves Dora the Explorer.  I mean LOVES!  And I would like her to be swiped by Swiper, but that really doesn’t matter (did anyone watch Modern Family last night where the gay couple was plotting Dora’s death?).  My child LOVES Dora.  Which also shows that we let her watch the boob tube sometimes.

We are temporarily staying in my mother’s home while I recover from squeezing a watermelon out of a quarter sized hole.  So we decided that since we aren’t paying any rent, and in an effort to keep my mother’s home clean, we would hire a housekeeping service to come every other week.  It’s lovely, since our hands are incredibly full at the moment.  At least two days a month the beds are made and the toilets are clean.
These two very sweet ladies were here today cleaning and Hadley was peeking around the corner of the bathroom at one of them.  She said “Hola” to Hadley and we tried to get her to say “Hola” back.  Instead, she said “DORA! Do, do, do, do, do Dora!”  
I was embarrassed, but was a little impressed that she put all that together.

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