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July 31, 2010

>family friday: today I am old

>Today I am 35. That sounds so weird. I am 35.

I could go into the “I remember when’s” and “I still feel 25’s” and “I’m officially advanced maternal age” statements. But bottom-line, most of us think these things as we evaluate our lives.

But I’m going to revisit a list I drafted five years a go when i turned 30 that I called my “reality list,” a recommendation made by a very insightful lady. At the time, it was simply a list of goals, but I wrote the list as if I had already accomplished them. For example:

– I am a mother.
– I am with my soul mate.
– I own property.
– I am a business owner.
– I earn $x amount or money.

This is just a shortened version of the list, but certainly important highlights. What’s interesting is how those goals truly became reality, eventually ticking off the whole lot.

Now, five years later with my goals checked off, it seems fitting that I should make a new list. Perhaps for the next five years of my life. But what’s interesting now is that I feel like I’ve accomplished the most important thing, being a mom, and it is difficult to think past that.

So, as perhaps an all encompassing goal and one I should always strive towards is to live in the moment. Right now. This second. Stop worrying about what could happen, or what I should have done, because bottom line, right now is all that matters.

What would you put on your reality list?

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July 29, 2010

>topless thursday: shy nurser

>I learned something about Hayden while traveling last week. She is not keen on nursing in public. She likes to snuggle up in bed and snooze and nurse. And I don’t blame her. I like that, too.

But it was a tough lesson on an airplane as it was landing when I realized that she preferred the bottle over the breast. And I didn’t have any water to make a bottle. (sorry Southwest flight from Denver to San Francisco for my child’s shrill cry).

Hadley, on the other hand, would take the boob anytime it was offered. I mean anytime. She LOVED the boob. Still does, though she doesn’t nurse. She just touches them. Actually, she licked my cleavage yesterday. Which was weird. But you catch my drift.

Is your baby a shy nurser or a boob fiend?

July 28, 2010

>wishful wednesday: naps

>Hadley is in her room. Crying.

She needs a nap.

I need her to nap in her room.

Not while I am driving her around.

Starting today, she will spend at least one hour every afternoon in her room. Maybe she will learn to sleep.

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July 27, 2010

>(a not so) terrible twos tuesday: sentences

>Hadley speaks in sentences. She has for a long time. But only about every third word was understandable. But now. NOW, most of the words are understandable. And it’s crazy!

Hayden and I were in San Francisco last week. Jonathan gave Hadley a ceramic Mickey Mouse toothbrush holder and she loved it so much she dragged it arou d the house with her. And of course, because she is two, she dropped it. And it broke. And they put it in the trash.

They called me shortly after the accident and Hadley said, in the saddest toddler voice you cow,d imagine, “Nickey Nouse is broken. Daddy put it in the trash can. Bring me Nickey Nouse.”

And she told me the story again that night.

And the next day.

But the best sentence of all was “I yuv you to pieces, mama!”

And I tried to find the ceramic Mickey Mouse toothbrush holder to bring home for her, but no such luck. I mean, really, after those phone calls you can’t blame me for trying to find her one. But it seems to be a thing of the past now.

I just can’t believe how fast she is growing up.

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July 27, 2010

>hayden – four months old

>Hayden, my love,

Today you are four months old. I can hardly believe it has already been four months since that wonderful moment of your delivery. The moment I felt the incredible urge to push you out. When the “I am woman, hear me roar” moment took over my being and I insisted on pushing you out with little coaching. The moment I saw your wet head emerge. The moment they laid you on me and you screamed. And that special moment, when you were just moments old, you reached up and touched my face. In my mind it was just yesterday.

And while it may seem like I am sad that those moments already passed, know that there have been so many more. The first time you smiled. For real smiled, the moment you giggled. Took my hand. Batted at a toy. Sat in your bumbo seat. Put weight on your chubby legs. Rolled over. There are so many moments, and so many more to come.

This month you and I had the opportunity to spend four uninterrupted days together while we were in San Francisco for a friends wedding. I exposed you to some interesting San Francisco norms, but you were a trooper. I enjoyed spending time with you napping, nursing and strolling. You rolled over for the first time in our hotel room. You cooed and smiled and told me baby babble stories. While I missed your sister like crazy, I so enjoyed our time together, getting to know you better. And even though you weren’t the easiest little person on the airplane or around a lot of people, I hope we can do it again sometime.

Hayden, my love, you are my beautiful bugga bugga baby. I am blessed.

I love you to pieces,

PS Because of my traveling, Must Have Monday is on hiatus this week, but will return next Monday with a great giveaway!

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July 26, 2010

>and the winner is…

>The winner of the Mod Mum sling giveaway is Jamee! Congratulations. I will be in touch soon with the details of your prize.

A HUGE thank you to everyone for entering, voting, following, liking and tweeting! More fun giveaways coming soon, so stay tuned!

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July 24, 2010

>san francisco moments I am exposing my baby to

>Some inherent, some by accident…

– Taxi cab rides
– Busy city streets
– Altered homeless asking for help
– Wine bar fresco style
– Num-chuck wielding dude sitting down next to us at wine bar patio
– Protest march where hundreds of cops are standing by keeping the peace
– Cold Victorian postage stamp hotel room in which the radiant heat rarely turns on and the street noise is crazy.
– Many transexuals. Most memorable is the man on Turk with a blond wig, red sequined mini dress, red heels and red elbow gloves trying to get into my cab
– Rude taxi cab drivers who show up 20 minutes earlier than you ordered and are irritated that you weren’t ready.

Maybe today we will ride the bus…

But the better San Francisco moments I am exposing my baby to:

– Spending time with my dear friends
– Going to one of my best friends weddings
– Getting to know the bride and grooms families

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July 23, 2010

>family friday: dear san francisco

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Dear San Francisco,

My dear city. The city I became an adult. The city I earned my degree and started my career. The city that lent me life changing events, good times as well as heartbreak.

I thank you for taking a little girl in with embracing arms and encouraging her to grow up, becoming an independent woman. Training me to become street smart. Deal with bus transfers and street banter. You taught me to layer my clothes. Always have a great playlist on my iPod. And hold my liquor.

You taught me to love.

San Francisco, you will forever be where our family is “from” because this is where, among the fog, I became we, became us. I became “mom.” I thank you especially for this.

But, I realize that living here is a fond memory. My home is where my family is. And I’m content with the fact that is not here.

Please don’t be upset. There are millions of other lives you can change.

But I will be back for visits. To enjoy 50 degree days in July. Eat fine cuisine and sip on fancy California wines. I will bring my baby girls back to visit with friends and show them where we are from. Where I became we, became us.

And for all of these reasons and so many more, I will always love you.


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July 22, 2010

>topless thursday: airplane nursing

>I’m traveling this week with Hayden alone. We are in San Francisco for a wedding and to visit friends. It took us two airplanes to get here and a lot of boob action. She nursed and slept. Nursed and slept. Then screamed, then nursed, then slept.

Our only set back was the full airplanes made it hard to relax and spread out.

Oh! And a flight attendant “thanked” me for being modest. A first for me.

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July 21, 2010

>wishful wednesday: safe travels

>I am currently sitting in the airport with my newborn, Hayden. We are off to San Francisco this morning to go to a dear friends wedding. It wasn’t economical for the entire family to go, so Jonathan and Hadley are staying home.

And as I left this morning, I could see em playing through the window. And the beautiful sound of my little girls laugh and I thought about how blessed I was.

Literally, I started to cry.

And I actually called Jonathan the minute I got into the car.

And I feel sad. Because I miss them already. And I worry about things at I can not control, reminding Jonathan where my will is and the pertinent details of Hadley’s world just in case (which irks him that I discuss, but it seems important… Just in case).

I know these times apart are good for Hadley and I. And it gives Hayden and I some much needed alone time, time we rarely get.

So I snuggled and kissed. And snuggled and kissed. And snuggled and kissed my little family until the very last second I had to leave.

I wish today for safe travels.

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