>decorate my kitchen + csn stores giveaway

>As many of you know, we moved into our new home in June and have been in the midst of decorating our 2300 square feet of space into a place we can call home. We bought all new furniture – beds, couches, console tables, tables, lamps – painted walls, shopped for art… You name it. And if you can believe it, we have more decorating to do.

My current project is getting the “eat-in” part of our kitchen decorated. My mom recently painted one of our walls a yummy taupe, and I purchased some oversized silverware art that we hung on the wall, but the room is still looking sad and empty (though, well on its way to being cute and cozy).

As you can see, we have French doors at one end, a kitchen on the other. We have a small table to seat four, though we dropped a leaf and pushed up against the wall to give us more space for our toddler who runs around like a maniac.

What you don’t see is that we are accenting our entire main level with red accents. Perhaps you’ve seen them in previous posts of our dining room and bathroom. I am trying to maintain this through the kitchen, too, with maybe a vintage country twist.

OK, so enough about my kitchen (well, maybe there is more to come).

The people over at CSN Stores are giving another one of my readers a $45 gift certificate! CSN has over 200 online stores and you can buy just about anything for your home, including cloth diapers and baby gear! All you need to do to enter to win is comment on this post and tell me you want it (be sure to include your email address).

For those of you who really, REALLY want to shop at CSN Stores on them, here are ways that you can get extra entries (after you complete the main entry):

* Using a CSN Store, tell me what you think my eat-in kitchen area needs. Leave a link. You may do this once daily for an additional daily entry.

* Follow Minimal Mom on Twitter. For those of you who already follow, lucky you! All you have to do is comment on this post and leave me your Twitter handle. Otherwise, follow and leave a comment with your handle – I will follow back!

* Like Minimal Mom on Facebook. For those of you who already like me, lucky you! All you have to do is comment on this post and leave me your Facebook name. Otherwise like me and leave your Facebook name.

* Tweet:  Enter to #win $45 to CSN Stores @MinimalMom. #giveaway http://www.minimalmom.net  You may do this once daily for additional daily entries. Leave a separate comment for each daily tweet.

* Vote for Minimal Mom on Top Baby Blogs. It just take two clicks. Click here to vote. You may do this once daily for additional daily entries. Leave a separate comment for each daily vote.

Contest ends Thursday September 23rd, 11:59 p.m. I will announce a winner on Friday September 24th. Good luck!


110 Comments to “>decorate my kitchen + csn stores giveaway”

  1. >I would like a ladder style bookscase and $45 would help a lot 🙂

  2. >these would be cute in a kitchenhttp://www.csnstores.com/Strawberry-and-Tomatoes-Series-PPI2836.html

  3. >already following you on twitter @livingsimplyNM

  4. >already a FB fan Lisanne Michelle Gibson

  5. >tweetedhttp://twitter.com/livingsimplyNM/status/24674964424

  6. >Oh man, I need a rug for our living room where our carpet is coming apart. We can't get all new carpet just yet, so I need it to cover that spot! 🙂 julie.sancken@gmail.com

  7. >i like you on facebook! i'm stephanie n

  8. >i follow you on twitter! i'm @theleakysippy

  9. >i entered your terracycle giveaway!nlay79@gmail.com

  10. >I am interested in this prize. My E-mail is jsgreer@newwavecomm.net. Thanks.

  11. >I would absolutely love to win!mkzellmer at yahoo dot com

  12. >I follow you on twitter! misslissymkzellmer at yahoo dot com

  13. >I follow you on facebook (Melissa Zellmer)mkzellmer at yahoo dot com

  14. >I want it! sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  15. >Entered your Terracycle giveaway!sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  16. >I like you on Twitter (@sazzyfrazzy)!sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  17. >I like you on FB! sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  18. >Voted for you on Top Baby Blogs!sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  19. >Some kitchen-appropriate art work might be nice on the walls:http://www.csnstores.com/Paragon-Fruit-Bowls-Series-PGN3759.htmlsazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  20. >I want this.. great for Christmas shopping.Thanks for the chance.bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  21. >This cabinet is pretty and doesn't take up too much room.. storage is always goodhttp://www.csnstores.com/Southern-Enterprises-CSN3301-UT2408.htmlbwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  22. >I follow on twitter@fancygrlnancybwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  23. >like on fbNancy P.bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  24. >tweethttp://twitter.com/fancygrlnancy/status/24907471033bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  25. >I love CSN stores! I'd love to win the gc. angiewith3 at live dot com

  26. >I already like what you've done with your eat in kitchen. The only thing I might add is some warm curtains like these cute pastel yellow bumblebee ones: http://www.csnstores.com/JoJo-Designs-Panel-BumbleBee-JJD1146.htmlangiewith3 at live dot com

  27. >entered your terracycle giveaway. angiewith3 at live dot com

  28. >follow Minimal mom on twitter as @angiewith3angiewith3 at live dot com

  29. >voted for you on top baby blogsangiewith3 at live dot com

  30. >I want to win! unexpectedlyexpectingbaby (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. >I entered the terracycle giveaway!

  32. >I voted for you on TMB!

  33. >I follow you on twitter

  34. >too many things to choose from all are great – I want to winI read your blog regularly and vote faithfully

  35. >tweethttp://twitter.com/fancygrlnancy/status/24996759557

  36. >I want it!bethanyg153@gmail.com

  37. >follow you on twitter@bethanyg153bethanyg153@gmail.com

  38. >tweethttp://twitter.com/bethanyg153/status/25060765454bethanyg153@gmail.com

  39. >tweethttp://twitter.com/fancygrlnancy/status/25093504953bwneyes100 AT Hotmail DOT com

  40. >I voted today 9/20bwneyes100 AT Hotmail DOT com

  41. >I 'like' you on FB Holly Whitmore

  42. >I would love to win this gift card as I am preparing to begin holiday shopping!

  43. >tweethttp://twitter.com/bethanyg153/status/25135843335bethanyg153@gmail.com

  44. >Would make a great x-mas gift, I have so many that are hard to shop for.joyerast at hotmail dot com

  45. >I voted for you today 9-21 on Top Baby Blogjoyerast at hotmail dot com

  46. >I like Minimal Mom on facebook-Joye Rastjoyerast at hotmail dot com

  47. >I want a westbend stir krazy popcorn popper

  48. >I like minimal mom on twitter @ourkidsmom

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  50. >following minimal mom on facebook as Heather Smith

  51. >tweethttp://twitter.com/fancygrlnancy/status/25189231532

  52. >Ah! CSN Stores! I love their products! I would love to use the gift certificate towards a glider, I'm having a little boy soon and could definately use one! :DThanks for the great giveaway!hilarystlaurent AT gmail DOT com

  53. >I like Minimal Mom on facebook!(Hilary St. Laurent)hilarystlaurent AT gmail DOT com

  54. >I follow on twitter!(@hilarystlaurent)hilarystlaurent AT gmail DOT com

  55. >I would love to win this to use toward Christmas presentselkmeese at gmail dot com

  56. >tweethttp://twitter.com/bethanyg153/status/25248021440bethanyg153@gmail.com

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  58. >voted on top baby blogs today 9/22

  59. >I would love to get the Cedar Creek Cedar Square PlanterHobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  60. >I follow you on Twitter as JennaiHobartsMama {at} aol.com

  61. >I like you on Facebook as Jennifer KeeferHobartsMama {at} aol.com

  62. >I voted for you on Top Baby BlogsHobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  63. >I think you really need the Catskill Craftsmen Basket Kitchen Cart with Drop Leafhttp://www.csnstores.com/Catskill-Craftsmen-Inc.-7225-KL1038.htmlHobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  64. >I'd love to get the Ashton Sutton Gold Sunburst Mirror. I hope I win!!!Elenna {AT] sbcglobal [DOT] net

  65. >I follow you on Twitter as ElennaLouiseElenna {AT] sbcglobal [DOT] net

  66. >tweethttp://twitter.com/bethanyg153/status/25314055405bethanyg153@gmail.com

  67. >tweetedhttp://twitter.com/lmurley2000/status/25317760311lmurley2000@yahoo.com

  68. >I want! ninjapanza at gmail!

  69. >nothing makes a space feel warm & cozy like a rug! Here's a cute red one: http://www.csnstores.com/Candice-Olson-Rugs-SCU7531-ANO1641.html

  70. >I follow you on twitter @ninjapanza

  71. >I voted on top baby blogs

  72. >I tweeted, but my twitter rss feed is broken or something so I can't get you a link. I'm @ninjapanza though.

  73. >i need a new bedspread- i know i could find one there and 45.00 would help.tcogbill at live dot com

  74. >i like you on twitter katychick123tcogbill at live dot com

  75. >I'd like this! jswaks at gmail dot com

  76. >Voted for Minimal Mom on Top Baby Blogsjswaks at gmail dot com

  77. >I think a series of soup can painting will do nicely

  78. >I'd love to win this, CSN Stores has so many things I want!nblexp at gmail dot com

  79. >you might like this big red utensil holder, i have one in yellow and love ithttp://www.csnstores.com/Sengware-UH1-20160-SGW1132.htmlnblexp at gmail dot com

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  84. >voted today in top baby blogs 9/24

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