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June 13, 2010

>101 uses for a diaper – #3


Five more days left of the “We’re Finally Minnetonkans” Baby Moccasin Giveaway.

Diapers can be used to line a pet carrier. I don’t have pets, except for my two rug rats, so I have not tried this. But it stands to reason that this is a great use and should make my list of uses.

June 12, 2010

>101 things to do with a diaper- #2

>Ever have a sleeping child in the car that you absolutely don’t want to disturb? But you have to pee? I mean pee like it’s nobodies business. Like a race horse. Crazy, it’s coming out right now “I gotta pee!”?

Your problem just may be solved by reaching into your diaper bag and stuffing a diaper down your panties. I haven’t done this personally, but I have heard it works.

Noe, you may be SOL if you are a mom like me who often forgets diapers. In which case, you best be doing your keigel exercises and have leather seats in your car.

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June 10, 2010

>101 things you can do with a diaper – #1 door stop

>An old friend of mine came down to my mom’s house last week to help me with the girls as I prepped for our final push to Minnesota. We were sitting on the bed with the girls when she started to snicker.

“Nice diaper,” she was referring to the diaper I wrapped around the door knob of my mothers closet to prevent a hole being created by Hadley pushing through them with all her might. “That would be a great blog post – 101 things you can do with a diaper.”

Great idea! Here’s idea number one:

1) Diapers make excellent door stops.

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