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July 5, 2010

>an award? for moi?


I don’t know what to say… This is so unexpected! Thank you to Mama 2 3 Bears for honoring me with this award. You should check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @mama23bears and enjoy what I do.

Now, here is what I need to do… Share seven random facts about me and then pass this along to five other bloggers. So here goes (don’t judge):

1. At one point in my life I could ride a unicycle. That’s right, a clowny unicycle. It was my dad’s grand idea. And, by the way, we rode them in several parades.

2. I hate dried fruit. I think wrinkly fruit is strange.

3. And on that note, ketchup is out, too!

4. Before babies and my marketing career, I had a career in television and film. Some of my more notable projects (as a lowly production assistant and assistant production coordinator) include: NYPD Blue, Team America, The Bachelor, among several other shows that didn’t make it very far.

5. I am addicted to the Discovery Health Channel. However, since having babies, I can’t watch the programs that involve sick babies.

6. I have moved 12 times since I moved out of my parents house. I finally own the house I live in now, so we are here for awhile. Especially since I just purchased a new HVAC system and a new washer and dryer.

7. My hair is falling out like mad. I am only three months postpartum, still… I am going to be bald soon!

And now, for blogs of note, good reads, insightful bits, humor, great stuff or tips… The winners are (drum roll please):

Pupuka Baby
Laugh Until You Cry
Hippo Brigaide
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Be sure to check them out, as well as Mama23Bears!

October 27, 2009

>honest scrap award


1. Thank you to Beth P., author of “We Laugh Until We Cry” for honoring me with this award, my first for blogging, and bestowing the task of passing the honor along. I hope I can keep up the chain. Beth writes about wonderful topics, including her adorable son, hot topics in mommy-land and even fun things, like “what’s your favorite movie.” Check out her blog, you will love it!

The rules – so to speak – that come with this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog. (check)
2. Share 10 honest things about yourself. (check)
3. Present this award to 7 other whose blogs you find brilliant in design or content. (check)
4. Tell those 7 people they have been awarded (check)

2. Ten Honest Things
(1) At one time in my life, I rode unicycles in parades with my younger brother. I think he can still ride, but I am not so sure I can handle two wheels at the moment, much less one. I have, however, used it on cover letters for job applications and gained response because of it. May as well use this embarrassment to my advantage.

(2) While I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to stay at home with my little one, I miss going to an office to work in the traditional sense. Pre-Hadley I was a work-aholic, so it’s probably better that I take advantage of my situation.

(3) I just hired a housekeeping service. And I am embarrassed about it because we both work from home and there is really no reason for us not to be able to keep up with cleaning our home, but for some reason we can’t.

(4) I don’t like being pregnant. Obviously, I love the outcome because I am doing it again, but I just don’t like being pregnant. I don’t like being sick all the time, feeling like I smell, gaining weight and being told I can’t do things that I already don’t do. I am considering having my tubes tied after our next kiddo arrives.

(5) I let my tot watch the tube. I’m careful about what she watches, but I don’t have a problem turning something on for her. She is currently watching Sesame Street.

(6) Ketchup can not touch my plate. YUCK!

(7) I miss being able to jet set anywhere. Well, I can still go places, just requires more planning. I am trying to figure out what it would be like to travel to England, with my 15 month-old and pregnant, by myself.

(8) I love my little one so much and so unlike anything I’ve ever loved before that I often worry about being able to feel that same way about our next child. I am assured my heart will grow, but I worry so much.

(9) I hate G-String undies. Not a thing comfortable about them AND they cause UTI’s. Why wear them?

(10) I try to be green, but very often give in to convenience. For example: Disposable diapers. Bleach. Butcher paper as a food catcher. Night lights. We recycle and try to buy organic and non-toxic when possible, but somethings I struggle with parting with.

3. And the winners are…