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August 30, 2010

>must have monday: my moby wrap

>Let’s try this again…

I’m giving away my Moby Wrap. Sorry for the SNAFU last week, but it’s back up for grabs!

When Hayden was brand new I decided to take Hadley to a Gymboree birthday party on my own, with both kids. Hayden at the time was colicy and suffering from reflux, and during that event, decided to be miserable. And she screamed. And screamed. And I was forced to let people I didn’t know help watch Hadley. Of course, nobody watched her as close as I would and I was very upset that I couldn’t handle it myself.

Having been in my situation, a mama at the party told me of her experience with the Moby Wrap. She felt like she could keep her colicy baby close, nurse when she needed, and keep up with her busy toddler. Because I own three other baby carriers, I looked for this item used on Craigslist just in case it wasn’t a hit. I purchased a clean, chocolate brown Moby from a local mom of four for a substantially reduced price and we were off.

After learning how to wrap the baby up, Jonathan and I both used the Moby with Hayden and we used it until she was 12 weeks or so. Then it was just too hot and muggy here, baby wearing was not comfortable for her or us. NOW, she sits up and sits wonderfully in my pouch sling, so it’s time to retire the Moby.

So I want to giveaway my Moby Wrap to another mom who wants to try it. Or is already a Moby user and wants another. Or you are someone who knows someone who needs a Moby. I just want to share the love because, albeit a short stint of using the Moby, it did help us.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment on this post telling me you want it. Be sure to leave your email address. If there is no email address, your entry will be void.

Additional Entries: You can do one, or all of these for more entries, but you must complete the mandatory entry before these will be counted.
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There are two mom’s who entered the giveaway last week prior to the SNAFU and I will honor an additional entry from each of you. Just post twice for the mandatory entry. I know who you are and anyone else who tries to tell me you are them will be disqualified, so don’t even try it.

Contest ends Sunday September 5th at 11:50 p.m. CST.

For those of you who prefer new gear or don’t win the giveaway, you can buy a (new or used) Moby on Amazon! Click through the button (it uses my associates ID) to purchase online.

May 31, 2010

>must have monday: the moby wrap

>Recently I took Hadley and Hayden to a birthday party at Gymboree by myself. As my luck would have it, Hayden decided to scream and refused to sit in the sling. I had to rely on others to engage and keep Hadley safe, and I was so upset.

One of the moms at the party has two kiddos who are older, but the same age difference. She recommended the Moby Wrap. She said when her eldest was around Hadley’s age, she was able to put her newborn in the wrap, feel safe that she was snug and was able to nurse her in it.

My head was reeling and I wanted one, pronto.

I purchased mine used, but the Moby’s are certainly not expensive (starting around $40). You can purchase them on their website,, or at specialty shops. You won’t find the Moby at Babies R Us or other large chains (at least here in Orange County).

There is a lot of fabric, but once I got the basic wrap down and Hayden inside for the first time, I quickly realized that she was snug and secure. And then I felt comfortable trying other positions.

On that note, the Moby seems to be able to handle many positions, which a lot of carriers can not. There’s the front position facing in and out. You can carry them cradled, like a sling. Hip carry. Breastfeeding. You can carry twins. Shoot, when they are walking, you can probably tie it around their waist and use it like a leash (just kidding) (maybe not). Needless to say more, it is very versatile once you get the hang of it.

So, Hayden has been responding well to it. Jonathan even put it on when she was on his watch the other day. I’ve been putting it on before going anywhere (kind of like a shirt) and I pop her in as needed.

My one gripe… She is still so little that she needs support and all the fabric can be warm. Especially if you are out and about on a warm day.

Other than that, a super cool carrier! I highly recommend.

(sorry no pics, my desktop computer is enroute to our new home. I will be iPadding this week)
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