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June 20, 2010

>must have monday:


As all moms know, the one thing that monopolizes much of our time is shopping for “stuff” for our babies. Diapers. Formula. Bottles. Clothing. Gadgets and googets galore.

And it’s a project, to say the least. Feed baby. Change babies diaper. Dress baby. Pack diaper bag (if you are a diaper bag user – I am not). Put baby in car seat. Put baby in car. Deal with screaming baby all the way to store. Get the stroller out. Or put baby in sling. Or put baby in shopping cart. Deal with screaming baby in the store.

Times that by two and that’s my life.

While it’s nice to get out, it can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Am I right?

When Hayden joined us in March I took to ordering our diapers on It just made life easier… I’d sign in. Do a few clicks. And the next day my order was here. It was so easy. And even easier because I saved my credit card info in my login and saves your previous order so you can just send it again.

Another bonus… Spend more than $49 and your overnight shipping is free! sells a wide array of diapers… Cloths. Hybrids. Ecofriendly disposables. Standard disposables. But it doesn’t stop there… They also sell gear, home safety products, formula, anything to do with feeding, toys, clothing. Really, it’s like a Babies R Us that delivers overnight.

I heart! I love them so much that I’m hoping I can convince other busy mommies to give it a shot. In that effort, is offering my readers $10 off their first purchase of diapers (see restrictions – must be purchase of diapers totalling $49 or more). Simply enter the code MinimalMom when you are checking out to receive your discount.

What types of things do you do to make the shopping extravaganza that babies require easier?