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September 24, 2010

>family friday: we took our zoo to the zoo

>This week we loaded the girls up and headed to the Minnesota Zoo. It was on our list of things to do before the weather turned too cold, and we managed to pick the coldest day of the week to do it. But we bundled up and braved the weather.

The zoo was pretty empty as far as visitors, so parking was lovely and we were able to let Hadley walk the entire time sine we couldn’t lose her in a crowd. She was such a good girl and exhausted by the end. But she didn’t want to sit in the stroller, so she rubber her eyes, collected leaves and tried to keep going.

We really saw Hayden’s maturity on this trip. She was so alert and interested in the animals that really put on a show. She loved the otters, beavers and sharks. She, too, refused to sit in the stroller, so I had her on my hip in our sling. Our double stroller served as a means to push around our diaper bag and blankets.

And we managed to hit every trail but one! Here are some more pictures from our visit. A fun day was had by all!

September 11, 2010

>family friday: a walk down memory lane


Hadley, minutes old. 07.08.08

Hayden, minutes old 04.26.10

The two most magical days of my life! The two days I think back on when I need reminding of how trivial the things I worry about are. I am blessed with two gorgeous, healthy beings.

August 20, 2010

>family friday: our week

>I got my new iPhone 4G this week so I’ve been snapping pictures like a mad woman, sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. So my apologies if you’ve seen these:

August 6, 2010

>family friday: who’s who


Tummy Time:

Sleeping in the car seat:

Sleeping with Daddy:

July 20, 2010

>family friday on tuesday: minneapolis sculpture garden

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I normally write about Hadley, my beautiful, sometimes (always) terrible twoer today.  But I’m going to be traveling starting tomorrow and working from my iPad and the pictures I want to share on my “family friday” are not on that device.  So I am moving “family friday” to today, “terrible two’s tuesday.” We will return to normal next week.

Those of you who have followed me for awhile (or know me personally) know that we’ve been on this crazy moving adventure. We started in San Francisco. Moved to Vegas. Then to Aliso Viejo. Then to San Clemente. And finally in the home we purchased in Minnetonka where we intend on raising our family. Who knows, we like changes of scenery, so it might change down the road. But that is not the plan.

I decided this summer to conquer all the fun outdoor activities Minnesota has to offer before this crazy snow that I keep hearing about arrives. And there are many activities to do!  We may not get to all of them.

On Friday we headed East about 11 miles to check out the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on the border of Downtown Minneapolis. The day was picture perfect. The girls were behaved. And we saw some cool sculptures and gardens.  Here are some pics from our day:



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July 16, 2010

>family friday: some pictures from our week


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We went to the Lake Minnetonka swimming pond.
We gassed up the car and went for a drive,
We practiced laying on our tummies and sitting up.
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June 25, 2010

>family friday: hadley quip

>This morning I was nursing Hayden on our recliner and Hadley asked to come up. She said “The babies eating boob!” I nodded yes in response.  Then she said “BIG boobs!” And her hand plunged down the other side of my shirt.

June 24, 2010

>family friday: some pictures from our week


Our first trip to a swimming pond. The water was about 75 degrees and the air was about 90. We had a blast. (Tutu’s aren’t as pretty when wet).

Grandma Sally sent Hadley a Little Tyke’s Cozy Coupe for her birthday. Jonathan and I almost shot ourselves trying to assemble, resorted to dipping plastic pieces into boiling water to make them fit. But alas, we were successful.

Boob coma at the pond.
June 18, 2010

>family friday: sleep training


We’ve been a co-sleeping family. I started co-sleeping with Hadley when she was brand new to facilitate nursing to simply keep my sanity. I was tired. And it was easy to nurse and fall back to sleep without dealing with waking her.
We’ve done quite a bit of moving around before landing in our own home that we purchased here in Minnetonka. Our last move was out of our rented condo in South Orange County and into my mothers home for three months while we waited for Hayden.
Prior to our move, Hadley was finally sleeping in her room, in her crib with a couple of wake ups at night. Right before we moved, she climbed out of her pack n’ play and after witnessing attempts of her trying to escape her crib, we decided to take it down and move her into a big girl bed. Which ended up being a challenge considering we had two moves ahead of us and a new baby about to join our brood. Sleeping in our household was survival.
Last Saturday marked one week in Minnesota and we felt Hadley was understanding that this house is home enough to start sleep training… Again.
And so it began.
I was thinking that since we were sleep training one, we should sleep train both. But the crying hasn’t been what I thought it would be, so in an effort to get Hadley to sleep train, I try to keep Hayden quiet and calm, versus letting her scream in her bed (yes, I will let her fuss, but if she isn’t going towards sleep, I grab her). So, hopefully because we have slept Hayden in her bed for the most part from the get go, sleep training wont be a big deal when she is a little older.
So, the method I am using is one I saw on Super Nanny. Basically, I put Hadley in bed. Tuck her in. Say night nights and I love you’s. And I leave the room. When she gets up, I calmly take her hand, walk her (sometimes I have to carry her) back to bed and say tell her it’s night night time. I do this with the second pop up. After two pop ups, I don’t speak to her, just put her back in bed. Generally after two or three more pop ups, she falls off to sleep.
But the last two nights have been different. Hadley has suffered from sleep terrors, which doctor told me was not uncommon with all the change. She had one night before last and last night she just woke up and some how ended up in bed with us (wonder how that happened, daddy?).
So now the challenge… How do we train her to stay in bed without waking the baby?
She is such a stubborn kid. She was whipped last night, but was trying to play as her eyes rolled up in her head.
Any advise for the tired parents?
June 11, 2010

>family friday: settling in


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Our home is finally coming together. There is furniture in every room. And as the days pass, we unpack and use the rooms, things feel much more warm and cozy.

There is also a peaceful feeling here. Yah, there have been moments of “Oh my goodness, there is so much to do” panic and we bicker for a minute. But all in all, there is a level of peace. While our sleeping arrangements with the kids are not in place yet, we are all sleeping pretty good (not necessarily duration, but quality), which lends itself to a more peaceful environment.
It has been raining for the last week. Today more than other days. I woke up to thunder and lightening in the middle of the night. It felt safe to be in our home and under our covers. The rain is beautiful here and the greens more brilliant.
In other settling in efforts, Jonathan bought a second car. A prudent buy. A used Mazda 6 wagon that came in under budget. It’s a beautiful, zippy car and certainly fun to drive.
We also changed our phone numbers. We must really be serious about being here.
Next is the drivers licenses.
This morning we are waiting for the garage door people to come by and help us with new remotes. After they arrive, Hadley and I will go to her first My Gym class. We’ll see how it measures up to Gymboree. I’m sure she will love it.
Once our home is a little more together (when the last of our furniture arrives), I will post photos.