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December 7, 2010

>just call me crazy

>I’m going to do it. I’m crazy. Not sure what I’m thinking. But I’m going to do it. This year I’m doing the White Bear Lake Polar Plunge on Saturday January 29, 2011.

That’s right. I’m a lunatic. But it’s for a good cause… The Special Olympics.

So if you are interested in seeing crazy photos of me jumping into a lake in sub-zero air temperatures, click here to donate. Or just check back in February for a post event post.

Thanks in advance for your support.

December 2, 2010

>world aids day, a day late

>Yesterday, December 1st was Worlds AIDS Day 2010. It’s a day to take note of the disease, remember those who have lost their lives and honor those who fight for their lives.

According to, the rate of infection has slowed, however prejudice continues. While there are strides in education to stop the spread of is disease, its unfortunate that with this education there are those who lack tolerance.

While I personally do not know (that I know of) anyone who has HIV/AIDS, my life was touched by the disease during a trip to South Africa where I was able to play and snuggle with toddlers in an AIDS hospice not far from Johannassburg in 2006. And while I had a moment of fear, my better judgement upon seeing these babies faces clouded any fears and I happily snuggled each of the kids in that play yard. And while most of those children are likely no longer with us, they changed my life forever.

I really don’t have much of a point to this post except to honor the memory of those lost and to encourage those who fear to educate themselves. Those with this infection are still human and still have many opportunities with modern medicine to live long lives. Stand by them. Play with them. Snuggle them.

From the editors note of OC Metro Magazine, June 2006.

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