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August 22, 2010

>playroom progress

>We have a lovely, finished basement with another bedroom. We went round and round about how to use the space and we ultimately settled on a playroom that could double as a guest room when we need it to be.

I picked up a futon at Ikea with a slip cover that is easily washed or inexpensively replaced, if needed. After all, I have a grubby two year old and one that will be grubby as soon as she is able. But it’s cute, was very affordable and works nicely as a couch or a full size bed (we are putting a mattress pad and topper to make it even more comfy for guests).

The side table, for now, is a little table and chairs set we picked up for Hadley at Babies R Us. She tends to tote the thing around the basement, turning it upside down, stacking the chairs oddly. I put a lamp on it in hopes she will leave it in place, but I suspect that will not be the case. My next run to Ikea I think I will pick up a white side table as we have a very cute white cube shelf we have yet to assemble for the other side of the room.

The metal letters were a bit of a splurge at the Minnetonka General Store. I love them and thought they were a cute touch for a room we are trying to encourage learning and creativity. I considered putting them in our living room, but the playroom just seems the right home for them.

Before we moved into the home, I bought a toy caddy from Target that has removable storage bins. The unit has been annoying as Hadley tends to empty them on the floor, then make a pathway with the upside down bins to walk across. I have tempered this behavior some by putting the bin in the closet, as well as her two toy baby strollers and toy pack and play. She brings them out when she wants them, and they go back in (at least we try) when she is done.

Like I mentioned above, we purchased a cute Ikea cube shelf that we will lay on it’s side to house the many children’s books we have accumulated. They are all over the house and even a few boxes have yet to be unpacked. I can’t wait to get this together.

What do you think? What do you think the room needs?

August 19, 2010

>hayden’s nursery progress

>I’ve been a bad mom. I’m finally getting to this poor kid’s bedroom and she is nearly five months. My excuse? A helpful two year old,

So, per the usual with two many ideas in my nugget, I’m going in a direction I didn’t think I would, but it’s using some cute Ikea things I picked up for Hadley and now all she cares about is Dora and princesses. But I think it’s turning out cute, even though there is much more to do.

Check it out and leave a comment with ideas! Thanks in advance.

I plan on painting some stem leaves on the flowers. Thanks HGTV for the idea.

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August 19, 2010

>dining room decor progress

>I just realized that I never thanked everyone for their design tips during the CSN Stores giveaway. Thank you!

I’ve done a couple things in the space and I thought I’d share them. Still a work in progress…

The mirror I purchased from Home Goods for $59.99, as well as the runner for $12.99. The plate and candle centerpiece is from Ikea and in total cost about $20.

Would love a wine rack, but I have wee ones. But if I find something great at a bargain price I may jump on it. And maybe a rug. And window treatments.

What do you think?

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