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September 24, 2010

>family friday: we took our zoo to the zoo

>This week we loaded the girls up and headed to the Minnesota Zoo. It was on our list of things to do before the weather turned too cold, and we managed to pick the coldest day of the week to do it. But we bundled up and braved the weather.

The zoo was pretty empty as far as visitors, so parking was lovely and we were able to let Hadley walk the entire time sine we couldn’t lose her in a crowd. She was such a good girl and exhausted by the end. But she didn’t want to sit in the stroller, so she rubber her eyes, collected leaves and tried to keep going.

We really saw Hayden’s maturity on this trip. She was so alert and interested in the animals that really put on a show. She loved the otters, beavers and sharks. She, too, refused to sit in the stroller, so I had her on my hip in our sling. Our double stroller served as a means to push around our diaper bag and blankets.

And we managed to hit every trail but one! Here are some more pictures from our visit. A fun day was had by all!

July 20, 2010

>family friday on tuesday: minneapolis sculpture garden

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I normally write about Hadley, my beautiful, sometimes (always) terrible twoer today.  But I’m going to be traveling starting tomorrow and working from my iPad and the pictures I want to share on my “family friday” are not on that device.  So I am moving “family friday” to today, “terrible two’s tuesday.” We will return to normal next week.

Those of you who have followed me for awhile (or know me personally) know that we’ve been on this crazy moving adventure. We started in San Francisco. Moved to Vegas. Then to Aliso Viejo. Then to San Clemente. And finally in the home we purchased in Minnetonka where we intend on raising our family. Who knows, we like changes of scenery, so it might change down the road. But that is not the plan.

I decided this summer to conquer all the fun outdoor activities Minnesota has to offer before this crazy snow that I keep hearing about arrives. And there are many activities to do!  We may not get to all of them.

On Friday we headed East about 11 miles to check out the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on the border of Downtown Minneapolis. The day was picture perfect. The girls were behaved. And we saw some cool sculptures and gardens.  Here are some pics from our day:



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November 20, 2009

>lake arrowhead


At the beginning of the month I packed Hadley up (perfectly timed with a nap) and drove the hour and a half to Lake Arrowhead in hopes of escaping the heat. While we didn’t really escape the Southern California heat that was plaguing us in November (I think I’ve been spoiled by the cooler climate of San Francisco for all these years), it was beautiful and I got some fun shots of Hadley giggling on the swing set at Lake Arrowhead Village.

October 26, 2009

>uncle day

Sunday’s Hadley and I disappear for the better part of the day, mainly because my other half is a crazy football fanatic. Wears the jersey. Can’t be spoken to. Yells at the television. You hear him talk to his buddies on the phone and you are sure they are coaching the teams. It’s pretty entertaining, but also good reason to skidattle.

In an effort to keep busy, I decided to get my brother to join us at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. We have visited several aquariums over the course of Hadley’s short lifetime and I just believe that they are excellent for every stage of developing. When babies are tiny they can track the fish and now, at 15 months old, she is just delighted to death by the sea life, screaming “FISSSSHHHHH.” We had a wonderful time checking out the floor to ceiling tanks, teasing the sea lions and petting the rays. It was entertaining for Uncle Sean and I to watch her delight as she ran from tank to tank. Such a wonderful day!
September 9, 2009

>second hand

>I have found that shopping at second hand stores geared towards infants/children is a mommy’s dream come true. You can find lots of great stuff for your ever evolving child. You can buy, sell, buy back… it’s great!

A couple of months a go I sold our co-sleeper nest (that we NEVER used) and a push walker because Hadley insisted on climbing it instead of pushing it. I was given $27 credit, albeit not at all the money I spent, but it goes far with the further discount offered to trader iners.
So, today, in an effort to stock up Grandma’s house with Hadley appropriate toys, I used my credit towards a new (still in the wrapping) Baby Einstein DVD and a sprinkler worm attachment for backyard fun. Next week I plan on bringing in the toys that have gone to the closet graveyard because she has out grown them (I LOVE to declutter). And if we find out that baby #2 is a boy, you better believe I will be trading in outgrown girls clothes for boys clothes.
Here are a couple of great second hand shops in Orange County:
Wee Peets – San Clemente
Childrens Orchard – Various Locations
September 1, 2009

>pretend city

>There is a new children’s museum in Irvine called Pretend City and I decided we’d give it a shot even though Hadley might be too young. After all, it is Tuesday and it’s the one day we have few activities available to us.

This place was great for all ages! It was a kid friendly city, complete with a garden, grocery store, ATM and beach! Kids could do art projects, catch pretend fish at the marina to sell to the grocery store, drive cars around, pretend to be police officers, dig holes in fake dirt and so much more. Hadley may have been too young to understand what it is, but she had a wonderful time!

My only complaint is the price. Because Hadley is almost 14 months old, we had to pay $10 EACH to get in (she would have only been $2 if I had lied and told them she was 12 months). I don’t mind paying $10 for her, but I’d certainly be apt to go more often if the cost for the adult to accompany the child were not so much.
All in all, I would definitely recommend this… you can easily spend the day, but be sure to pack a lunch because food options, while healthy, are limited. Check them out: