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December 13, 2010

>"i dressed myself" monday (linky)


Hat: Plastic “Circo” Bin
Outerwear: Old Navy Flowered Rain Jacket – Size 12-18 months
Dress: Flowered Sun Dress – Getting Too Small
Shoes: Plastic “Circo” Bins – that actually match
December 6, 2010

>"i dressed myself" monday (linky)

>I’ve been seeing this cool linky called “What We Wore” and I love looking at peoples posts. Longingly. With some jealousy. Because there are two distinct reasons it is very difficult for me to partake: 1) I am a mom of two very small kiddos and getting in the shower and washing my hair, alone, is a feet. And 2) Hadley (2) likes to dress herself.

So I am going to start a counterpart linky, if you will. I hope those who partake in “What We Wore” wont see this as a dig, because it isn’t. It’s just a means to participate in our current capacity. I will post the linky on Monday’s and please feel free to post and partake. It could be fun to see the doozies our toddlers come up with.

Note: This is not to replace “Must Have Monday”. I will continue to do these as giveaways allow (I’m lining some up!).

Pants: Baby Gap Pink Glow in the Dark Bone Pajama Bottoms
Dress: Cream Tafeda-ish Dress with Ribbons (a size too small)
Poncho: Hayden’s Gymboree Dress – Brown with Polka Dots (size 6-12 months)